I can make you cry!

Well, who would have thought it, I made one of my guests cry last week!

Tears flowed in King’s Lynn last Thursday when I showed an Australian lady where her great grandfather was buried and it happened again when I showed her where the house in which her grandfather was born used to stand. Who would think that events that happened so many years ago would have such an effect?

The rest of the day was much less traumatic, we had lunch in a very good restaurant and, when we walked in, I introduced this lady to a cousin she had never met. We parked in West Lynn and took the Ferry over because, as the great grandfather had drowned in the Wash, the river was one of the places that was on the list to visit. Another place to be found on the list, was a cobbled street where the family had lived, one of the few such streets still to be found in the town and the museum dedicated to the Fisher-folk of the North End. We also went along the bank of Fisher-Fleet, where the fishermen’s cottages once were.

What a real honour, to be able to help people to visit places with such family connections.

If you have any places that hold special memories or family connections, do get in touch and, if you would like to visit, I will see what I can do for you.

I may even make you cry!!!

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